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About Den Burgh

In 2011, the decision was made: long-gabled farmhouse “Den Burgh” from 1859, located on the outskirts of Hoofddorp, was to be preserved. The building became a municipal monument and was zoned for hospitality. Jurriaan and Roos Temme then transformed the decayde farmstead into what Den Burgh is today: a top contemporary restaurant with cosmopolitan character!

Watch the video in which Jurriaan Temme and Chef Marc van der Tang talk about Restaurant Den Burgh.

The monumental farmhouse “Den Burgh” dates back to 1859

Den Burgh has a rich history. Around 1859, the farm was built and occupied by the Biesheuvel family. It is one of the first farms erected after the reclamation of the Haarlemmermeer. The main building has a richly decorated front façade, an ornate overhang with beautifully carved wind feathers and a gabled, thatched roof. A type of farm, a so-called Zeeland longhouse or long-gabled farmhouse, of which Haarlemmermeer no longer has many. Hence, the municipality placed the farmhouse on the municipal monument list.

The logo of Den Burgh

Our restaurant’s logo was designed from the idea of combining old and new. A unique fusion of new colors, modern letters and old elements. The trees, the corner elements, the cutlery, the tiles of the existing farm floor, the irons of the barn doors. Everything is reflected in the logo. You will also find these elements in our menus.
Over Den Burgh

From ruin to restaurant

When we first went to look we couldn’t find Den Burgh at all,” says Roos Temme, “the farm was still hidden behind trees and sheds, it was a complete ruin. Yet we knew immediately: this is it!” Jurriaan and Roos Temme, both 37 at the time and living in Aalsmeer, sold their restaurant in Geldermalsen and took on the big adventure. After a year of preparation and a year of major renovation, Den Burgh Restaurant opened its doors in April 2013.

“Guests are often surprised that the nostalgic farmhouse houses such a stylish interior,” says Jurriaan. “The interior has become an exciting mix of old and new. The expectation that with a pure quality business we would have a lot of patronage from business park De Beukenhorst, nearby, has come true. From day one, lunch and dinner during the week are almost always full!”


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